New Arrival
  1. Deep Nourishing Hair Mask
    Deep Nourishing Hair Mask
    300 ml

    Moisturizes, nourishes, and strengthens your hair roots.

  2. After Sun Balm Ultra Cooling
    After Sun Balm Ultra Cooling
    200 ml

    Hydrates & calms irritated skin after sun exposure. 

  3. Total Sun Protection Lotion
    Total Sun Protection Lotion
    SPF 45 - Water Resistant 200 ml

    Protection against UV-B & UV-A sun exposure

  4. Sun Protection Cream Ultra Defence
    Sun Protection Cream Ultra Defence
    SPF 45 - Water Resistant 75 ml

    Ultimate long-lasting sun protection and moisturization

  5. High-Protection Sun Cream SPF 30
    High-Protection Sun Cream SPF 30
    100 ml

    Protects from harmful sun rays & hydrates

  6. Mineral Skin Protection
    Mineral Skin Protection
    GB003 Mineral Skin Protection
  7.  Body Mud Mask
    Body Mud Mask
    with Herbals 500 ml
    Cleanses, controls excess oils and calms your skin.
  8. Natural Mud Shampoo
    Natural Mud Shampoo
    with Mud Conditioner 250 ml
    Cleanses, revitalizes and repairs damaged hair.
  9. AHA Retexturizing Skin Cream
    AHA Retexturizing Skin Cream
    AHA 8% 60 ml
    Exfoliates, replenishes and reduces the appearance of uneven skin tone
  10. Skin Correcting Serum
    Skin Correcting Serum
    30 ml
    Firms, restores moisture and helps reduce fine line and wrinkles.
  11. Facial Wash
    Facial Wash
    Refreshner Gel 150 ml
    Washes, cleanses impurities and nourishes your skin.
  12. Mineral Toner
    Mineral Toner
    Alcohol Free 200 ml
    Regenerates, revitalizes and closes the pores.
  13. Pro-Silk Shea Body Butter
    Pro-Silk Shea Body Butter
    200 ml
    Nourishes, restores elasticity and firms your skin.
  14. olive oil soap | rivage natural dead sea minerals skincare
    Olive Oil Soap
    Olive & Vitamin E 120 g
    Cleanses and moisturizes your skin naturally.
  15. Nourishing Facial Mud Mask
    Nourishing Facial Mud Mask
    Honey 500 ml
    Nourishes, moisturizes and calms your skin naturally.
    100% of 100
  16. Natural Salt
    Natural Salt
    250 g & 1K g
    Calms irritated skin, relieves tired muscles and joints.
  17. Moisturizing Milk Body Lotion
    Moisturizing Milk Body Lotion
    Collagen 200 ml
    Softens, firms, protects and hydrates your skin.
    100% of 100
  18. mineral cleanser | rivage deadsea natural minerals skincare
    Mineral Cleanser
    200 ml
    Cleanses your pores and maintains natural skin moisture.
  19. Intense Hair Repair Mask
    Intense Hair Repair Mask
    300 ml
    Repairs, strengthens and revitalizes your hair and scalp.
  20. Firming Cellulite
    Firming Cellulite
    Light Cream 120 ml
    Moisturizes, firms and reduces the appearance of cellulite.
  21. Facial Moisturizing Cream
    Facial Moisturizing Cream
    60 ml
    Provides ultimate skin moisture and prevents first signs of ageing.
  22. Bright Light Cream
    Bright Light Cream
    60 ml
    Significantly brightens your skin and reduces uneven skin tone.