Dead Sea Bath Salts

Eucalyptus - Relieve & Refresh 250 g
80 % of 100

Refreshes,relives joint and muscle aches naturally

Skin Type:All Skin Types
Dead Sea Bath Salts
Dead Sea Bath Salts Dead Sea Bath Salts
Product details

A blend of miraculous Dead Sea minerals and relieving Eucalyptus helps hydrate and ease muscle and joint tension.Dead Sea salt contains 21 active-minerals including magnesium,potassium,chloride,bromide,calcium and sodium which helps relive tired muscles,and rejuvenate the skin.Eucalyptus refreshes your skin and helps relive joint and muscle aches.

How to Use

Dissolve 250 g of Dead Sea Salt into a bath tub of warm water,relax in the bath for 20-30 minutes.Then gently rinse your body with warm water.WARNING:If you are pregnant or have high blood pressure,please consult your doctor before use.

Key Ingredients
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