Cleansers & Toners

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  1. Facial Wash
    Facial Wash
    Refreshner Gel 150 ml
    Washes, cleanses impurities and nourishes your skin.
  2. Mineral Toner
    Mineral Toner
    Alcohol Free 200 ml
    Regenerates, revitalizes and closes the pores.
  3. Olive Oil Soap
    Olive Oil Soap
    Olive & Vitamin E 120 g
    Cleanses and moisturizes your skin naturally.
  4. Mineral Soap
    Mineral Soap
    100 g
    Washes impurities and rejuvenates your skin naturally.
  5. Mineral Cleanser
    Mineral Cleanser
    200 ml
    Cleanses your pores and maintains natural skin moisture.
  6. Exfoliant Soap
    Exfoliant Soap
    100 g
    Exfoliates, cleanses and moisturizes your skin naturally.
  7. Black Mud Soap
    Black Mud Soap
    100 g
    Cleanses, nourishes and restores oil balance