Dead Sea Salt & Scrubs
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  1. Relaxing Salt
    Relaxing Salt

    Relaxes tired muscles and hydrates your skin

    $ 26.00
  2. Revitalizing Salt
    Revitalizing Salt

    Gently polishes,refines and revitalizes your skin

    $ 26.00
  3. Dead Sea Bath Salts
    Dead Sea Bath Salts

    Refreshes,relives joint and muscle aches naturally

    $ 15.00
  4. bath crystals collection | rivage natural dead sea minerals skincare
    Bath Crystals Collection
    $ 14.00
  5. Natural Salt
    Natural Salt

    Calms irritated skin,relieves tired muscles and joints

    As low as $ 15.00
  6. Dead Sea Bath Salts
    Dead Sea Bath Salts

    Cleanses deep into your skin,and relaxes tired muscles

    $ 15.00
  7. Natural Scrub Salt
    Natural Scrub Salt

    Gently exfoliates and renews your skin naturally

    $ 26.00
  8. Dead Sea Bath Salts
    Dead Sea Bath Salts

    Soothes irritated skin,softens and hydrates your skin naturally

    $ 15.00
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Dead Sea Salt Scrub

Dead Sea Salt Bath, made from the mineral-rich Dead Sea. Dead Sea salt scrub deeply polishes away dead skin cells, renewing your skin naturally. Dead Sea Bath salt is rich with 21 minerals toeases tired muscle tension, and relieves inflammation. Dead Sea minerals restores your skin’s balance, cleanses, softens, and detoxifies your skin. Dead Sea salt bath treats different skin disorders naturally.

Our Dead Sea Salt Bath is 100% natural, pure, mineral-rich. A perfect home spa and skin treatment. Dead Sea salt scrub is comprised of 21 beneficial minerals including Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, Calcium, & Bromine. We bring these miraculous Dead Sea minerals to you where ever you are.

Shop Dead Sea salt products at Rivage online, we deliver at your doorstep worldwide.

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