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  1. Body Mud Mask
    Body Mud Mask
    Jar 600 ml
    Exfoliates, renews and cleanses impurities. Helps relieve muscular pain.
  2. Foot Scrub
    Foot Scrub
    with Dead Sea Crystals 250 ml
    Revitalizes, nourishes and exfoliates your skin.
  3. Whitening Lotion
    Whitening Lotion
    150 ml
    Helps reduce dark marks and hyper-pigmentation on your skin.
  4. Slimming Body Mud
    Slimming Body Mud
    650 ml
    Rejuvenates and firms the body.
  5. Shower Gel
    Shower Gel
    Fruity 200 ml
    Revitalizes, cleanses and calms your skin.
  6. Regenerating Salt
    Regenerating Salt
    250g & 1Kg
    Nourishes, relaxes and enhances sense of your well-being.
  7. Pro-Silk Shea Body Butter
    Pro-Silk Shea Body Butter
    200 ml
    Nourishes, restores elasticity and firms your skin.
  8. Pregnancy Stretch Marks Cream
    Pregnancy Stretch Marks Cream
    300 ml
    Significantly restores, firms and reduces stretch marks.
  9. Revitalizing Hand Cream
    Revitalizing Hand Cream
    100 ml

    Softens, reduces age spots and revitalizes your hands

  10. Nourishing Body Mud Mask
    Nourishing Body Mud Mask
    Avocado, Jojoba & Papaya 500 ml
    Nourishes, refines and calms your skin naturally.
  11. Natural Scrub Salt
    Natural Scrub Salt
    1 Kg
    Gently exfoliates and renews your skin naturally.
  12. Natural Salt
    Natural Salt
    250 g & 1K g
    Calms irritated skin, relieves tired muscles and joints.
  13. Moisturizing Milk Body Lotion
    Moisturizing Milk Body Lotion
    Collagen 200 ml
    Softens, firms, protects and hydrates your skin.
  14. Hydra-Premium Body Moisturizer
    Hydra-Premium Body Moisturizer
    150 ml
    Ultra-smoothing, nourishing and long-lasting moisture.
  15. Foot Cream
    Foot Cream
    100 ml
    Protects, smoothes and relieves dry or chapped skin.
  16. Firming Cellulite
    Firming Cellulite
    Light Cream 120 ml
    Moisturizes, firms and reduces the appearance of cellulite.
  17. Dead Sea Concentrated Water
    Dead Sea Concentrated Water
    400 ml
    Relieves irritated, redness and itchy skin.
  18. Emollient Hand cream
    Emollient Hand cream
    100 ml
    Softens, protects and relieves dry or chapped hands.
  19. Body Mud Mask
    Body Mud Mask
    Pouch 500 ml
    Exfoliates, renews and cleanses impurities. Helps relieve muscular pain.
  20. Body Mud Mask
    Body Mud Mask
    with Herbals 500 ml
    Cleanses, controls excess oils and calms your skin.