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  1. perfect eye zone | rivage natural dead sea minerals skincare
    The perfect Eye Zone
    2-piece Eye Care set Cleanses, reduces puffiness and dark circles
  2. soft hand & feet | rivage natural dead sea minerals skincare
    Soft Hand & Feet
    2-piece gift set intensive hand & foot hydration & protection
  3. revitalize day & night | rivage natural dead sea minerals skincare
    Revitalize Day & Night
    2-piece gift set Day & Night hydration & boosts radiance
  4. mineral moisture| rivage natural dead sea minerals skincare
    Mineral Moisture
    3-piece gift set cleanses & long-lasting hydration
  5. skin renewal essential| rivage natural dead sea mineral skincare
    Skin Renewal Essentials
    3-piece gift set regenerates & revitalizes your skin
  6. Mineral Skin Protection
    Mineral Skin Protection
    Total Mineral suncare Protection
  7.  Essential Home Spa Set
    Essential Home Spa Set
    Dead Sea skin care home essential for a home spa experience
  8.  Mineral Home Spa Set
    Mineral Home Spa Set
    A home spa treatment full of rich minerals to revitalize your skin
  9.  Silky Body Set
    Silky Body Set
    Silky body set to revitalize and give your skin a long-lasting hydration
  10. Revitalizing Body Care
    Revitalizing Body Care
    Moisturizes, refreshes and calm your skin

    The perfect mineral body set for a revitalized silky skin

  11.  Brighter Skin
    Brighter Skin
    The perfect routine for a supple, clean and radiant skin

    Revitalizes and purifies your skin for a glowy radiant complexion 

  12.  Anti Aging Mineral care Set
    Anti Aging Mineral care Set
    3-piece anti-aging gift set to keep your skin hydrated and free of wrinkles

    Value routine for wrinkles and fine lines.


  13. Facial Hydration
    Facial Hydration
    Long lasting skin hydration set to maintain a healthy looking skin

     Cleanses, hydrates and nourishes your skin 

  14. 4 Mineral Steps
    4 Mineral Steps
    Four simple revitalizing steps for a flawless glowing skin

    Cleanses,Nourishes and hydrates your skin.


  15.  Dead Sea Mineral Care Set
    Dead Sea Mineral Care Set
    A perfect Dead Sea gift for naturally renewed skin

     Purify, Revitalize, and help relax your muscles.

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