Mineral White

Ultra-Brightening Cream 50ml
73 % of 100

Nourishes, protects and reduces the appearance ofskin pigmentation.

Skin Type:All Skin Types
Mineral White
Mineral WhiteMineral White
Product details

Mineral White Ultra-Brightening Cream RIVAGE experts have created a line of skin and body care products with the rarest and most sought after ingredients from the world of nature. Revitalizing minerals from the Dead Sea, exotic herbals, and floral nectars, and other lush botanicals come together to create an exquisite experience for the body and mind. Only the healing hands of nature could caress your skin with such delicate beauty. An incredible whitening beauty cream formulated from an extraordinary selective botanical active matrix (Rumex occidentalis and Waltheria Indica Extracts) known as the most active Tyrosinase inhibiter to discourage the production of melanin, combined carefully with vegetable collagen, Vitamin A & E.  Natural fruit acids complex, working together with the most world-famous revitalizing Dead Sea Minerals to help improve rough skin by stimulating cell metabolism which greatly prevents forming dark circles and freckles, and fight pigment marks to leave your skin visibly lighter with remarkable softness while moisturized. A youthful-translucent & luminous complexion. Recommended for mature skin.


Recommended for skin pigmentation 


How to Use

Apply on pre-cleansed skin at night;apply Rivage Sun Block during the day.If used during day,apply an enough amount of whitening cream before half an hour of sun exposure.Follow by using Rivage Sun Block to obtain the maximum desired result.

Use daily.

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