Bright Light Cream

60 ml
93 % of 100

Significantly brightens your skin and reduces uneven skin tone

Skin Type:All Skin Types
Bright Light Cream
Bright Light Cream Bright Light Cream Bright Light Cream
Product details

This revolutionary cream promotes clear and even skin pigmentation in two ways.First,this formula cosmetically lessens the appearance of brown spots and other surface imperfections.Second,this cream uses licorice extract to work deep beneath the skin’s surface to inhibit the process of skin darkening and produce a more uniform complexion.With repeated use of Bright Light Cream,the skin becomes visibly lighter,uneven spots are noticeably reduced,and hyper-pigmentations are smoothed away.

How to Use

After cleansing your skin,gently massage cream into face and neck until completely absorbed,carefully avoiding contact with the eye area.For optimum results,use Bright Light Cream each evening following cleansing.If skin is exposed to sunlight during use,apply sun block to prevent damage from sun.

Key Ingredients
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