Rivage Story

Your skin and hair deserve to be cherished, nourished and replenished. That is why we go to great lengths to source and blend nature's finest active botanicals with potent Dead Sea Minerals.


Rivage began in 1996, when we were inspired by the power and results of the Dead Sea to transform the health of our skin and hair. The Dead Sea is the beginning of natural skin care - a healing and medicinal natural spa that has been celebrated since 3000 BC.  Our skincare products are a fusion of the ancient and the modern. The minerals and botanicals that enhance our skincare blends are as old as time, but they are optimized and refined by our laboratories to deliver a remarkable home spa experience.

Each product in our range is carefully engineered to work in harmony with your skin's natural qualities to renew, detoxify and nourish your skin, naturally. 


Every Rivage product is created in accordance with our vision:

  • To harness the best of nature, and to use science to advance the effect of Dead Sea minerals by blending them with botanical extracts.
  • To enhance and maintain beauty and wellbeing for men and women, naturally
  • To consistently develop high-quality, high-performance products and treatments.
  • To develop skin and hair care products to treat a range of conditions and suit a variety of needs.
  • To embrace social responsibility by building a business which is sustainable for the environment and our communities.


Our mission is to help you reveal your inner beauty with natural high-performance skin and hair care products. There is only one Dead Sea, and it's our mission to enhance the benefits of this outstanding natural resource and make it available to all. Our devotion to beauty, nature and high-performance products is matched by our dedication to enhancing ancient remedies and protecting the Dead Sea environment.

The Blend

The Dead Sea, where our core minerals originate, is an ancient salt lake and the world's largest natural spa. The unique environment of the Dead Sea produces a rich mixture of minerals which help to clarify, stimulate, nourish and replenish your skin.

We blend these minerals and Dead Sea mud with botanical extracts sourced from around the world. The fusion of minerals, mud and botanical extracts is what gives our products their astonishing potency.


Your skin is a highly effective barrier. Co:dermal is our method for delivering natural minerals and botanicals  beyond the barrier, to where your skin needs them most.

Co:dermal means combining active ingredients so that they work in partnership with each other to deliver visible results. Co:dermal opens your pores and activates your skin, allowing the minerals and botanicals to cleanse, nourish and revitalize your skin from within.

Be you. Be natural

Be you.

Your body and your beauty are two of your greatest assets. We believe that skincare is about enhancing, supporting and enriching your natural beauty and well-being - helping you reveal your inner beauty. Each Rivage product is carefully formulated to nurture and replenish your natural beauty and mind, helping you to feel empowered, desirable and confident, every day.   

Be natural.

Nature offers an abundant supply of elements which can soothe, moisturize and energize your skin. We harness nature's most powerful minerals and botanical extracts so you can experience your skin at its best. Revitalize, regenerate and replenish your skin with Rivage. Naturally.